First Responders Program



The Joseph Auto Group Family Owned & Operated

First Responders Purchase Program

Thank you for your service and commitment! We would like to take this opportunity to show you our appreciation by offering a special purchase pricing program to you and your immediate family members. We know that this could never repay the debt that we owe you as a community, but it is our little way of saying thank you!



Receiving Your Special Pricing Is Easy!


STEP 1: Obtain a first responders coin from your superior

STEP 2: Contact Nick Weisbrod to schedule an appointment and/or refer you to one of our other brands.  I will personally contact the Joseph Store of your choice and connect you with a manager.

STEP 3: Bring in your coin to the Joseph Auto Group dealership of your choice. Present it to the representative that greets you, and our management staff will take care of the rest.



Have questions about the program or where you can take your first responders coin?  We are happy to help!            

Contact Nick Weisbrod:

We truly appreciate all that you do to keep our communities safe.

Thank you for making our area such a great place to live.

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