Best Toyota Vehicles for Towing

If you’ve been looking for new Toyota cars nearby, we would love for you to check out our Ohio Toyota dealership. Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati has a diverse inventory of sedans, SUVs, and trucks, so we’re confident you’ll find something to suit your needs. Lately, many of our customers have been in the market for a tough, rugged vehicle that they can use to tow large loads. Whether you’re a construction worker, hunter, or outdoorsman with a lot of gear, we can help you find a vehicle that can tow what you need.

Towing Terms Explained

Chances are good that if you’ve been searching for a pickup or SUV for towing, you probably have some questions about towing terms. Here are just a few of the terms our Cincinnati Toyota dealers receive the most questions about.

GVWR: This is an acronym for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, which designates the maximum weight at which your Toyota vehicle can operate safely. This weight encompasses the body, chassis, driver, engine, and cargo.

GTWR: The Gross Trailer Weight Rating is the amount of weight that your trailer can support, including all fluids and cargo.

GCWR: The Gross Combined Weight Rating is the combined mass of your Toyota truck and trailer.

Towing Capacity: This is the maximum amount of weight that a vehicle can tow.

Payload: The total mass that your Toyota truck bed can support.

Toyota Models Great for Towing

Depending on the trim level and cab size you select, the Toyota Tacoma can tow up to 6,400 pounds of cargo. It also boasts a payload of up to 1,175 pounds. No matter what you tow, trailer sway control technology will keep the load steady on the road. If you need something even more powerful, check out the Toyota Tundra. This pickup has a maximum payload of 1,620 pounds and a maximum towing capacity of 10,100 pounds. If you opt for the supplemental towing package, you’ll also receive a towing hitch receiver, trailer brake controller, and four- and seven-pin connectors.

If you have more questions about towing jargon or any of the amazing pickup trucks in our inventory, come to Joseph Toyota of Cincinnati. Our Toyota dealers will be happy to answer all of your questions. We can also discuss our leasing plans and affordable financing options while you’re here.